The stupendous volume of Bikini Body Guides today

Stupid girls never leave their couches. Fit and healthy and looking absolutely fabulous girls go everywhere. Okay, that first crack did sound a bit nasty but we thought it had a nice ring to this article’s heading. Rhythm and rhyme. And when you’re in this good shape, you’ll be able to rock and roll with the best of them. Get your booty on the dance floor, in other words. Or if you’re dreaming of the sun and the beaches, and that bikini still hanging up in the boutique store, wiggle it, just a little bit.


Because you can. But for the time being, only in your dreams. Right girls, time to roll up your sleeves. You can manage this, there you go. Get your backside, butt, ass or arse, call it what you will, it’s been called many things over the years, tush even – what is it with blokes, they all seem to fancy our behinds, there’s another name it’s been called, but who cares, we don’t mind, right, girls – only you, yes, you, you still need to get your fairly wide behind off of the couch and sit up straight at your desk and do some thorough reading for a change.

Not laying back on your couch with your tab.

That’s unhealthy. You need an erect posture so that you can focus for the next hour. And if you’re too ghastly tired to do this right now, schedule your research for some time tomorrow, because do this, you must. You do want to look nice, right. And you want to feel good too, don’t you. Do it now, or do it tomorrow, go to places like the ab fab and learn how it’s all really done. You get in a batch of reviews from other girls who are sipping cocktails in their bikinis at the poolside at the time of writing and learn how they plucked up the courage and allowed young Kayla to take their hands and help them out on the exercise mat, in the gym and even in the kitchen.

Not for another chocolate sundae.

Oh no. More than likely for an almond milk or avocado pear infused smoothie. A nicely tossed up tuna fish or shrimp salad. It’s only really a true salad if it’s got all the essential greens, like kale in it. Ever heard of that? Ever hear about kale. Sounds a bit like Kayla. She’s got recipe books on the go and don’t be surprised if you come across a dish with seaweed in it. Yup, that’s right. Stupendous, isn’t it. And the volume of today’s Bikini Body Guides is really quite stupendous.

That’s because over the years, since Kayla first got started online, she’s built up quite an archive of programs that pretty much any girl can take her pick from. You as well. There’s something in it for everyone. But blokes listen up. It’s for girls only.